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Your Island solution for a global presence.

Gorgeous Design

Our ready to go templates are based on the latest technology and can be configured with your choices and images in minutes.


Easy Updates

With our static modular design you can easily update the site yourself or have us do it in real time with you.

Fully Responsive

No matter what package or solution you choose your site will work on computers, tablets and smartphones.

WHY Get a Microsite?

Customers are 300% more likely to select a business or professional with any kind of custom webpage.
Local services are 75% more likely to have no listing other than a google or yellow pages entry.

WHAT is a Microsite?

Microsites are self-managing webpages that use a simple, modern design.

WHERE does a microsite help me?

Your microsite will help you stand out above your competitors who don’t have the time, technical skill or business savvy to get a website.

HOW does it work?

Our microsites can be up and running within minutes with a simple custom landing page for small businesses requiring no upkeep or maintenance.

WHEN is the right time to be online?

Now. The answer is always now. In a world where every customer has a smartphone a web presence is an essential business and promotional tool.

Get your own microsite!

WHO are you guys?

We’re two Vancouver Island guys who have an IT company and realized we were making choices for our local services based on which companies had online information. 
What if we were missing out on better service just because someone was too busy doing their jobs, instead of getting a website made?
We figured we could get local companies their own online solution in a short amount of time for a great price.

Steph Herman

Marketing and Design

Steph has over 15 years in online and traditional marketing including social media and traditional PR

Marc Speed

Development and Technology

Marc has over 15 years experience in systems administration, webhosting, web development and cybersecurity.


We can put together a simple website in a few quick and easy steps


Quick Consultation meeting where we ask simple questions about your business, choose colors, pick widgets and gather photos


We show up a draft version of the site and gather your feedback.


Your new website is now online!

Tel: (778) 817-1147


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